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Modern Learning is a training and consulting firm with the mission of inspiring rapid and quality professional development at scale, through creative, experiential, and practical design and programming. We are a team of strategists, former executives, and artists who take a cross-disciplinary approach to advancing the talent agenda.

We work with companies and teams of all sizes to offer world-class business, leadership, and team-building curricula for today's modern organization.


About our programming

Built by the best of the best

The Modern Learning team has direct leadership experience from training at top-tier consulting firms like McKinsey & Company, advanced Fortune 500 leadership programs, and MBA programs like Harvard Business School. We have distilled the most crucial insights from our experience, and created the very best and most relevant business, leadership, and team-building curricula we could imagine. Our courses also regularly incorporate current, cutting-edge academic research.

A truly interdisciplinary approach

Modern Learning also takes an interdisciplinary approach to learning, drawing inspiration from non-traditional sources. Advances in astrophysics, for example, serve as inspiration for our management systems class. The world's best ballet dancers, who have spent their whole lives communicating non-verbally, teach classes in non-verbal communication as another example. We believe true expertise is found across disciplines.



We work with organizations and teams of all sizes to deliver in-person training courses. Our courses cover the topics that we have found inspire the highest levels of individual and team performance. Each course has a menu of modules that can be selected and curated based on your group's needs.

Management 101

A series of modules for those who are within their first 1-2 years of managing a team. The content covers topics like:

  • Building Team Management Routines
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Leading Different Personalities
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Collaborative Facilitation
  • Leading Individual Development

Business Communications

The end-to-end process of planning and delivering a story to an audience. Modules in this course include:

  • Structuring a Logical Story
  • The Pyramid Principle
  • Building Effective Power Points
  • Writing E-mails
  • Public Speaking
  • Non-Verbal Communication

Problem Solving

Using the world's best problem solving theories to crack the toughest business problems. Sessions include:

  • Design Thinking
  • The Scientific Method
  • Entrepreneur's Mindset
  • Consulting's Approach to Problem Solving
  • Real-World Applications



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