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The Modern Learning team has direct leadership experience from training at top-tier consulting firms like McKinsey & Company, advanced Fortune 500 leadership programs, and MBA programs like Harvard Business School. We have distilled the most crucial insights from our experience, and created the very best and most relevant business, leadership, and team-building curricula we could imagine. Our courses also regularly incorporate current, cutting-edge academic research.

A truly interdisciplinary approach

Modern Learning also takes an interdisciplinary approach to learning, drawing inspiration from non-traditional sources. Advances in astrophysics, for example, serve as inspiration for our management systems class. The world's best ballet dancers, who have spent their whole lives communicating non-verbally, teach classes in non-verbal communication as another example. We believe true expertise is found across disciplines.


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FOUNDER, Principal

Mary Winn Miller | in

Mary Winn has been leading teams and has advised 20+ Fortune 500 and privately-held clients. She most recently served on the leadership team as CAO of a $1B business in financial services and is an L&D leader for high-growth startups. Additionally, she has built two successful companies, including an innovative entrepreneurship incubator for high school students. Mary Winn is known for providing highly strategic and interdisciplinary consulting and training. She also has the direct operational experience and engineering training to ensure the practical applicability of her recommendations, and enjoys working with clients who value both creativity and practicality.



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