The Modern Learning Company


“The best training I have ever attended; better than my top-tier consulting training.”

Topic Case: Management 101 @ 2 High-Growth Tech Companies

  • Context. As part of comprehensive learning and development strategy design and delivery, Modern Learning helped two fast-growing, high-growth tech companies conduct their first Manager 101 training course offering for cross-functional groups of ~35 managers

  • Audience. The managers came from cross-functional groups like R&D, Project Management, Finance, Legal, HR, and Sales and had a range of prior management experience

  • Content. The sessions included our module on Introduction to Management, Giving & Receiving Feedback, Coaching & Motivating Teams, and Designing Managerial Cadences

  • Results. Participants rated the session highly valuable for the time spent; NPS scores ranged from 55-75, scores that are considered world-class by traditional NPS scales. Qualitative feedback included: “the content was extremely valuable and practical” and “I was able to implement the lessons immediately”

The Bottom Line: training should deliver results

29 point increase in: “Managers help me achieve my personal aspirations

Client Case: Comprehensive Culture Redesign Training at Major Financial Institution

  • Context. Modern Learning taught courses on Coaching Teams (4 hours total; an extended version of the introductory class), Giving & Receiving Feedback (2 hours), Setting Goals (1 hour), and Designing Team Missions (1 hour)

  • Results. The comprehensive strategy generated measurable results across 10+ dimensions; the number of people who agreed or strongly agreed increased across dimensions like the following:

    • “Managers help me achieve my personal aspirations” (29 point increase)

    • “I receive the support I need to advance in my career” (22 point increase)

  • Additional Results. The qualitative feedback of the training sessions specifically included comments such as: “this was the best training session I have ever attended”